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The Immigrants - I Need Help (Black Vinyl, CD)

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Grapefruit 03:49

Surprising and fresh, powerful and ultimately unpredictable, in a word - brilliant new The Immigrants album “I Need Help” is out there to help revive the stale European music scene. The Immigrants aren’t even “twenty-something” yet – they have barely glimpsed into the adulthood, and yet they have a full scale mind bomb album your ears waited for long ago! 

This very young Middle European trio, based in Budapest, Hungary, put out some seriously puzzling harmonies and convincing yet not at all precocious emotions, resulting in a stream of potential hits, starting with a mind blowing "Grapefruit", trippy headliner "I Need Help" with its everswitching breakbeats, tender and somewhat eery "Times We Had" with its The Beatles White Album meets Led Zeppelin meets The Smiths „Asleep“ meets The National... or superior "Kings and Queens", just to name a few. These boys really can make songs that matter.

The Immigrants are something NEW, and their album „I Need Help“ will help all sincere souls remember the first moment in their lives when music began to matter. This is the album that matters. No. This is The Album That Bloody Matters. To the core. Listen to it carefully. 

Available on Ammonite Records CD, 12 inch vinyl and digital release from 14th of March 2016.

Limited edition 250 copies.

Type Album
Released 2016
Total duration 39:31
Genre Space rock
Publisher Ammonite Records
Language English
Binding Sealed
Vinyl color Black
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The Immigrants - I Need Help  (Black Vinyl, CD)

The Immigrants - I Need Help (Black Vinyl, CD)