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Presing - Neurokrem (Black Viny/CD)

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Presing is one of the most influential Serbian alternative rock bands, formed in Belgrade in 1990. Editor in chief of Ritam magazine, Dragan Ambrozic, coined term Neo Beo to describe a wave of bands which emerged in Belgrade/Beograd in early 1990's, making their own blend of P-Funk, Noise and Garage Rock; "Presing instantly proved to be the creative leader of that generation of bands," said Ambrozic. 

New York Press magazine wrote: "Presing is a sound that kicks the pants off the recycle-rock of The Strokes, The Vines and the White Stripes, just to name a few... You can hear bits of the melodic era of The Fall (This Nation's Saving Grace through Frenz Experiment), some Nick Cave, some Neil Young–and even some P-Funk via Kraftwerk". Another US magazine, Boston Phoenix, wrote on Presing's second album "600 Nebo (6th Heaven)": "It's one of the best five albums to emerge from Europe in the past decade". "Neurokrem" is the fourth studio album from Presing, released through Ammonite Records label in October 2014.

This collection of 11 songs brings somewhat transformed sound of Presing, with their first ever excursions into psychodelic dub, nu jazz, loads of groovy electronic sounds related to trip hop and even dubstep, while Presing's own blend of artistic rock remains untouched. Lyrics of Presing are in Serbian, and their poetic value is a good reason to learn this language.

Limited edition 250 copies.

Type Album
Released 2015
Total duration 39:11
Genre Alternative rock
Publisher Ammonite Records
Language Srpski
Binding Sealed
Artwork Slavimir Stojanović Futro
Link to streaming
Format Black Vinyl/CD

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Presing - Neurokrem (Black Viny/CD)

Presing - Neurokrem (Black Viny/CD)