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Deafness By Noise - Roots Baby Roots (Black Vinyl/Transparent Blue Vinyl)



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A1 I'm The Hunted          Written-By – G.B.H.
A2 World Peace               Written-By – Cro-Mags
A3 Destroye                    Written-By – Toxic Reasons
A4 I Love Livin' In The City Written-By – Fear (3)
A5 The Prisoner                Written-By – D.O.A. (2)
A6 Born To Suffer             Written-By – Ratos De Porão
A7 Raw Power                   Written-By – Raw Power (2)
A8 Stranglehold                 Written-By – UK Subs
A9 Sailin' On                      Written-By – Bad Brains
B1 Here's Your Warning       Written-By – 7 Seconds
B2 Broken Toy - This Is The End  Written-By – SNFU
B3 No Rules                        Written-By – GG Allin
B4 Empty Tankard               Written-By – Tankard
B5 The Prisoner (Demo)       Written By – D.O.A. (2)
B6 Stranglehold (Demo)       Written-By – UK Subs
B7 Dance Hard Or Die           Written-By – Warzone (2)
B8 I Remember   Featuring – Picksiebner           Written-By – MDC (2)


Gatefold cover, includes download card.
G.B.H. "I'm the Hunted" form the album "City Baby attacked by Rats", released on Clay Records (UK) in 1982. Lyrics by: Colin Abrahal / G.B.H. 
"Simplistic, raw, in your face punk ...nuff said" (Krmpa DBN) 

CRO MAGS "World Peace" from the album "The Age of Quarrel" released on Profile Records in 1986. Lyrisc by: John Joseph / Harley Flanagan. Music by: Parris Mitchell / Harley Flanagan. 
"Cro Mags were far ahead of their time, so they deserved the cover from the land of the real cromags"(Bimbo DBN) 

TOXIC REASONS "Destroyer" from the album "Kill by Remote Control" released on 6th international records in 1984. Lyrics by: Bruce Stuckey / T.R. 
"Song was awesome before... but it rules now!" (Frank DBN) 

FEAR "I Love Livin' in the City" from the 1st single by Fear. It was originally released on L.A. Criminal records in 1978. Written by: Lee Wing / Burt Good. 
"The part of the show captured on The decline of the Western civilization including this song always will be an outstanding live performance ever recorded on film... and yes Harrald we fuckin' hate dyin' in the county!" (Rodjo DBN) 

D.O.A. "The Prisoner" from the 7"ep released by Quintenssence records in 1978. Written by: Joey Keithley Shithead. 
"D.O.A are the definition of hardcore and they don't care what you say..." (Frank DBN) 

RATOS DE PORAO "Born to Suffer" from the album "Anarchophobia" released by Roadrunner records in 1991. Written by Joao Gordo / R.D.P. 
"Back in the days DBN were very influenced by the sound of Ratos... we even sang some parts on the cover in their language... sistemados pelo crucifarrgharrr!" (Krmpa, Bimbo, Rodjo DBN) 

RAW POWER "Raw Power" from the album "Screaming From the Gutter" released on Toxic Shock records in 1984. Written by Mauro Codeluppi. 
"Row Power are Italian trademark for furious hard core insanity " (Krmpa DBN) 

UK SUBS "Stranglehold" from the 7"ep released on GEM records in 1979. Written by: Charile Harper. 
"The UK Subs were our punk rock initiation when we were kids" (Bimbo DBN) 

BAD BRAINS "Sailin' On" from the album "Bad Brains". Released on the Roir records in 1981. Written by Paul the Hudson aka H.R./B.B. 
"No one else can sound like them. Bands try to write like this and it never works. There can only be one Bad Brains" (Andro DBN) 

7 SECONDS "Here's your Warning" from the album "The Crew" released on BYO records in 1984. Written by Kevin Seconds / Steve Youth. 
"The lyrics still remain relevant to the punk music scene today..." (Rodjo DBN) 

S.N.F.U. "Broken Toy / This is the End" from the album "No One Else wanted to Play" 
Released by BYO records in 1985. Written by Mr.Chi Pig. 
"The foundation of punk as we know it... hope you like it Mr.Chi" 

M.D.C. "I Remember" from the album "Millions of Dead Cops" released on R Radical records in 1982. Written by: Dave Diktor. Music by: MDC. Drums on this cover produced by: Denykeen. 
"As a child I used to listen my dad playin` country and western music, so this cover is a perfect example of what I learned ... yiii fuckin'haa" (Krmpa DBN) 

Demo sessions: 

GG ALLIN "No Rules" from the 7"ep released on Orange records in 1982. Performed by Patareni with Krmpa DBN on vocals. 
"No one rules, period" (Krmpa DBN) 

TANKARD "Empty Tankard" from the album Zombie Attack released by Noise in 1986. Performed by DBN and Dikobraz in 2003. 
"The party anthem of all times" (Bimbo DBN) 

Drums on the UK SUBS and DOA demo tracks recorded by Šprajc from Dikobraz. 

WARZONE "Dance Hard or Die" tribute to Raybeez. Recorded by DBN original line-up in 2002 with Spider Crew and Only Attitude Counts members on back up vocals.


released February 16, 2018 

KRMPA - verbal abuse 
BIMBO - mass bass murderer 
RODJO - serious guitar killer 
ANDRO - drum violation 
FRANK - guitar assasin 

Recorded at: Stage One Studio, Germany 
Produced by: Andy Classen 
Scratches on Born to suffer by: DJ Phat Phillie 
Banjo & harp on I remember by: Zoki & Kersh form Picksiebner 
Back up vocals by: Kid D, Chris Luft, Dennis Brightside and DBN 
Illustration by: Ivan Error 
Design by: Boro Božesačuvaj 

Type Album
Released 15th February 2018
Genre Hardcore Punk
Publisher PDV
Language English
Dimension 12"
Vinyl color Black vinyl
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Deafness By Noise - Roots Baby Roots (Black Vinyl/Transparent Blue Vinyl)

Deafness By Noise - Roots Baby Roots (Black Vinyl/Transparent Blue Vinyl)