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Lutke were formed in 1987, in Belgrade, by Nenad Jovanovic, Dejan Radovanovic, Zlatko Sehic and Zoran Akovic, all four of them high school friends. By the end of 89', Lutke started again from the beginning. The line up then was : Nenad Jovanovic - vocals, guitar, Dejan Radovanovic - guitars, Dejan Stanisic - bass guitar and Srdjan Visnjic on drums. This line up was until now the most durable. Nenad Jovanovic wrote most of the songs and was the main creative force in the band with Dejan Stanisic contributing significantly. During that period the band recorded demos, played in clubs and appeared in the medias. The first noted gigs took place from 1990 to 1993 in the halls of SKC, Dom Omladine, KST and at the festival Brzi bendovi Srbije. In 1995, the band was offered a record deal by LVO Records, a new label. A new line up including Vladan Nojkovic on drums recorded it's first album Moderan Svet . The album was recorded in Novi Sad, in the "Do Re Mi" studios. Members of the band, as well as the owners of the studios, Pedja Pejic and Stamena, were signed as producers of the album. In 1998, Maja Mladenovic on keyboards and Djuro Kojic on guitars and violins joined the band. A record contract with B - 92 followed. The album "Polyester" was recorded in 1998, in the "Music Factory" studios and was produced by Djordje Petrovic, one of Serbia's best producers(Katarina II,Luna, U Sripcu ...) . Finally, after 8 years, Lutke released a new album titled "Fontanela". A new line up includes Drago Senic (previously played in bands: Qurve, Petar Pan, Komandosi) on bass guitar and back vocals, and Mladen Pajevic on drums. Pajevic is one of the doyens of the Belgrade new wave scene. He played in Radnicka kontrola, Radost Evrope, Sine, Robna Kuca... 



Recorded at Studio Music Factory - Košutnjak, Milky Twilight Studios - Beograd and Studio kod Dadija Stojanovića, between february 2005. till february 2006.

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Lutke - Fontanela

Lutke - Fontanela