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Dragan Nikolić - Sitio

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1 Suze Cežnje
2 Gerardo
3 Šala
4 Vremeplov
5 Zaljubljeno Proleće
6 Sitio
7 Žal
8 Čekajući Voz

Dragan Nikolic lives in Valjevo, his hometown. He plays guitar since his 11th year, influenced by music of Manitas de Plata, and later by Paco de Lucia. Since 1984 he started to gain interest for Flamenco, and as a result founds the band ‘Los Gitanos’, renamed ‘Duende’ in mid 90’s. For the first time in this region the fusion between guitar, dance and Flamenco singing was made. Band had over 500 concerts, many TV acts and took part on Flamenco Festival in 2001 in Bratislava.

Dragan continues to teach classic guitar in Music school in Valjevo. With release "Sitio" Dragan opens a new chapter as an author in his career. Modern concept of the release, based on flamenco forms and spirit, but with distinctive personal touch. Generally inspired with Spain, the themes leave space for improvised personal approach, and the choice of associates on the release, as well as on live acts, guarantees an interesting performance.

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Dragan Nikolić - Sitio

Dragan Nikolić - Sitio