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Dunja Knebl - 33 balade

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3 CD Box set of Croatian folk balads rearranged in a folk-rock manner. Comes in a sealed cardboard box containing 3 CDs. Also available in digital.

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Znamo da je ljubav često pokretač lijepoga na ovome svijetu. No mi, "najinteligentnija bića na zemlji", i dalje se ubijamo i to "u ime ljubavi"! Strast/ljubav čini da se ponekad ubijamo pojedinačno, a potpuno nam je "normalno" postalo masovno ubijanje jer idemo i u ratove "u ime ljubavi"! Od pamtivijeka povijest se ponavlja. Ove balade nam donose priče iz nekih davnih vremena, no kao da se događaju danas. Nađe se poneka balada s bajkovitim hepiendom; nažalost, takve priče su i dalje u manjini... 

Kad ćemo već jednom postati mudriji? 

We know that love often sets in motion many lovely things in this world. However, we, "the most intelligent beings on Earth" continue to kill each other "in the name of love". Sometimes we kill each other because of passion/love, but mass killing is also "normal" because we go to war "in the name of love". From the beginning of time history keeps on repeating itself. These ballads bring stories from ancient times, but it seems as if they are taking place today. There are some ballads with happy fairy-tale endings, but alas, murder ballads prevail... 

When will we ever learn? 

Ove balade hrvatske su tradicijske pučke popijevke, pretežito iz kontinentalnih dijelova Hrvatske - Međimurja, Hrvatskoga zagorja, Podravine, Prigorja. Mnoge nisu dosad snimljene te se baziraju na zapisima stihova i nota prema istraživanjima i interpretaciji Dunje Knebl. 
U stvaranju obrada pridružili su joj se Hrvoje Nikšić (1 - 21) i Tomo Sombolac (22-33). 

These ballads are all traditional Croatian folk songs, mostly from continental areas such as Međimurje, Hrvatsko zagorje, Podravina, Prigorje. Many of the songs have never been recorded, and are based on written notes of folk lyrics and music researched and interpreted by Dunja Knebl. 
She was joined by Hrvoje Nikšić (Tracks 1- 21) and Tomo Sombolac (22-33) in making the arrangements. 

Tracks 1 - 21 
Snimio/Recorded by: Hrvoje Nikšić (KRAMASONIK STUDIO, Zagreb) 
Miksanje i produkcija/Mixing and production by: Hrvoje Nikšić, Dunja Knebl 
Mastering: Hrvoje Nikšić 
Aranžmani/Arrangements: Dunja Knebl, Hrvoje Nikšić 

Dunja Knebl: glas/vocals, gitara/guitar, kalimba, frame drum, šuškalice/shakers 
Hrvoje Nikšić: melotron/mellotron, indijski harmonij/Indian harmonium, kalimba, okarina, frame drum, šuškalice/shakers 
Kim Burton: električni klavir/electric piano (Track 2) 

Tracks 21 - 33 
Za stvaranje ovog albuma koristili su se tonski zapisi skinuti s video materijala snimljenog za vrijeme jedne probe i dviju izvedbi glazbene predstave Dunje Knebl i Marija Kovača „Oj, ti tožni človek“. 

These tracks were created on basis of audio recordings taken from video material filmed during one rehearsal and two shows of “Oj, ti tožni človek”, a musical performance by Dunja Knebl and Mario Kovač. 

Video materijal snimio / Video material filmed by: Bojan Slevec 
Post produkcija i mastering / Post production and mastering: Hrvoje Nikšić 

Aranžmani/Arrangements: Dunja Knebl, Tomo Sombolac 
Dunja Knebl: glas/vocals, gitara/guitar; Tomo Sombolac: glas/vocals, gitara/guitar, frame drum, djembe; Nenad Kosak: glas/vocals, flauta/recorder, šuškalice/shakers; Danijel Domazet: glas/vocals, djembe, 
Izvođači-pjevači/Performers-singers : Danijela Biondić Vidaković, Florence Fabijanec, Irena Lovčanin, IvanaMarijančić, Renata Lančić, Tomislav Vidaković, Sandra Volčanšek 

Grafičko oblikovanje / Graphic design: Biljana Knebl 
Kolaž na naslovnici / Cover collage: Dunja Knebl) 
Photo: Hrvoslava Brkljačić


released March 22, 2017 
Type Album
Released 2017
Genre Folk, World Music
Publisher Geenger Records, Zvuk močvare
Language Hrvatski
Artwork Biljana Knebl
Link za preslušavanje https://dunjaknebl.bandcamp.com/album/33-balade

Geenger Records is an independent record label based in Zagreb (Croatia), and is a part of Citizens’ Association for Culture (GOKUL) from Zabok. The label was established in 2009 by experienced music enthusiasts and scene participants, some of which were also the founding members of Moonlee Records, a notable indie label based both in Croatia and Slovenia.

From the very beginnings of our work, we think of music publishing as the basic and most direct way to stimulate musical creativity in young artists, so we decided to promote good music which is, unfortunately, still unevenly represented in (or generally ignored by) Croatian mediasphere. The label is, regardless of all genre and regional constraints, in a constant search for bands which, given the quality of their music and the ideas they promote, differ from the average selection on the scene. We constantly collaborate with bands and individuals who actively participate in shaping of social climate, either by supporting various NGOs, or other social organizations with whose objectives they identify.

The musicians we work with are often present in all relevant music festivals throughout Croatia and region - InMusic, Terraneo and EXIT usually being recognized as the most famous ones. Thanks to the experience, dedicated work and cooperation with many domestic and foreign publishing agencies, promoters and clubs, Geenger Records eventually became a sort of starting point for some of the best young Croatian bands.

In Croatia, besides Geenger Records, our sister label Moonlee Records and a handful of individuals, such initiatives are basically still nonexistent, so we can safely say that we are, at the moment, one of the very few record labels / marketing agencies that are narrowly specialized in working with lesser known artists. We see our role in creating better conditions for young bands, so they may reach concert promotion, media coverage and wider audience more easily. By doing so, we help them achieve their full creative potential, while maintaining complete control over their autorship and every other aspect of their work.

Besides bringing together the most prominent names in Croatian alternative music, Geenger Records also collaborates with experienced designers who closely look after the presentation of the label, releases and promotional materials, thus maintaining high quality and uniform visual standard, with the aim of making Geenger Records a recognizable and credible name.

Geenger Records is, and will always remain, a brainchild of true music lovers who are dedicating their good will and spare time to help promote all those hard-working artists which deserve wider recognition.

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Dunja Knebl - 33 balade

Dunja Knebl - 33 balade

3 CD Box set of Croatian folk balads rearranged in a folk-rock manner. Comes in a sealed cardboard box containing 3 CDs. Also available in digital.